When it Just Happens


Written by @lauraxxtennant (LauraXTennant on TSFF)

Tenth Doctor (T) 10k.

And this is why getting drunk with the rest of the humans at the party is absolutely a good idea for a Time Lord who’s in love with his best friend.

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A snowflake drifted down and landed on her bonnet, then another fell,
and another. Hannah placed her hand on Hardy’s chest, then slid it
upward to his shoulder. At her touch, a tremour went through him, a
flare of desire and craving more brilliant than the corona of the sun.
Their eyes met. She tilted her face upward. Snowflakes landed in her
hair and lashes, and his chest tightened. With heartbeat racing, he
cupped her cheek in his palm. Should he ask her first? Oh, but her eyes
were closing, her face rose towards his, and that’s the moment every
thought in his head finally ceased. He leant forward and their lips met
at last.

My Love to Keep Me Warm (by @fadewithfury)

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